Komodo diving - general information

Komodo diving is not a new idea but recently it’s being recognised as a premier destination due to the awesome variety of diving to be had. Crystal clear water and dive sites where you never see another diver provide a little something for everyone whether it’s macro or massive you love. One day you can be crawling along the bottom looking at pygmy seahorses, frogfish and unusual nudibranch and the next you are in the big blue on an open water pinnacle as the mantas fly by, the sharks circle and the dolphins hunt and the next day diving a live volcano!! For sheer variety there is no better place on earth.

Diving in Komodo is one of the few places left in the world where sharks are not rare and down south is one of the places where manta rays have their legendary aggregations, meaning they are here in the area in their hundreds!!! Starting from Bali, Bima or Komodo you cruise in luxury diving the small islands north of Sumbawa, Gili Banta, Gili Lawalaut, Sangeang volcano, and of course Komodo experiencing the best of the Lesser Sunda islands.

(Komodo diving photos ) One of the highlights of these trips is the rare opportunity to walk with the lengendary Komodo dragons. These truly awesome beasts can reach 3 metres plus and can reportedly run at 20km an hour chasing their prey. It’s the icing on the cake, Stunning diving and one of the world’s last surviving dinosaur descendants all one amazing package. This is truly the trip of a lifetime.

Komodo liveaboard

Komodo diving offers a large variety of boats of varying standards and design to choose from. Vastly different boats, the vessels below all run excellent trips of different length and itinerary meaning you can choose from a 5-13 night liveaboard to Komodo leaving from either Bali, Bima in Sumbawa or Labuanbajo in Flores.

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